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2, 3, & 4 hour cruises

Coastal yacht tours offers an assortment of two three and four hour cruises amongst Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful water waves. Enjoy a Sunset Cruise or special time with friends and family as you make your way throughout the beautiful waterways of South Florida. Contact us today to find out more about these affordable and fun packages.

Cocktail parties

Want to make a great impression? Coastal yacht tours offers fun and interesting way to host your elegant cocktail parties. Whether it’s a afternoon brunch Cruise, or an elegant Sunset cocktail party. Coastal yacht tours is guaranteed to satisfy you and your guests with a wonderful Waterway experience throughout South Florida.

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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show VIP Cruise

Enjoy the World Famous Fort Lauderdale Boat Show like a VIP. We offer a special VIP Boat Show package guaranteed to allow you to enjoy the spoils of your hard work and relish in life. Cruise down the Fort Lauderdale waterways and gaze at small yachts, mid sized yachts and large super and mega yachts while on your own private yacht charter. Our luxury yacht charter offers first class service and accommodations. Be sure to ask about our Luxury.